Our Objectives

Our main objective is to strengthen the independent theatres in the economic, social and legal field while enriching the cultural production in the sector.

To develop projects and collaborations that will create social and economic benefit for the Cooperative partners.

  • To create local, national and international collaborations that will widen Cooperative’s impact.
  • To develop collaborative projects with public institutions, local governments, academy, private sector and non-governmental organizations.
  • To analyze the current situation of the sector through academic researches, and accordingly, to devise projects and training programs aiming for capacity building and human resource development.
  • To make deals with suppliers in fields including printing, transportation, stage design, storage and rehearsal space.

To carry out advocacy activities to raise awareness about the working conditions of the independent theatres and to pave the way for legal amendments.

To identify the deficiencies in the existing legislative regulations and to propose suggestions for amendments to relevant authorities by working together with public bodies, local governments, NGOs, professional associations, academy, and all theatres and the theatre audience in Turkey.

To enhance the solidarity culture within the field of performing arts and to provide consultancy on social cooperative system.

  • To share our experience in social cooperative system and organization that we gained through the Theatre Cooperative in Istanbul since May 2018 with the independent theatres in the other regions of Turkey.
  • To work towards forming a basis for an official theatre cooperatives alliance.
  • To activate the knowledge and experience exchange between all independent theatres in Turkey.

To ensure the local and global dissemination and the visibility of Turkey’s theatre art.

  • To ensure the national and international visibility of the independent theatre activities in Turkey through advocacy activities.
  • To act as a bridge between the Cooperative partners and international institutions, networks, festivals and organizations.
  • To develop collaborations and partnerships with international organizations to ensure the knowledge exchange with the theatre professionals worldwide.

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