Theatre Cooperative is a social cooperative working on strengthening the independent theatres in the economic, social and legal field while enriching the cultural production in the sector.

Our Objectives


To develop projects and collaborations that will create social and economic benefit for the Cooperative partners.


To carry out advocacy activities to raise awareness about the working conditions of the independent theatres and to pave the way for legal amendments.

To enhance the solidarity culture within the field of performing arts and to provide consultancy on social cooperative system.
To ensure the local and global dissemination and the visibility of Turkey’s theatre art.

Our Principles

We operate independently of politics, ideology and aesthetic judgments. Our door is open to any private theatre that meets the main conditions in our contract.
We accept the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and expect our partners to carry out their activities accordingly.
We are transparent in our decisions and all our financial transactions.

We look out for public welfare and benefit of society while taking our decisions.*

*In case our partners take decisions incongruous with public welfare and risk the corporate image of the Theatre Cooperative, we evaluate the acceptance, dismissal or the continuance of the partnership with the Board.

Join Us

We invite all independent theatres in Istanbul to unite under the roof of Theatre Cooperative. Our strength lies in our cooperation!

We aim to improve the independent theatre scene in Turkey to world standards while creating economic benefit.

Contact Us


Atatürk Mahallesi Ertuğrul Gazi Sokak Metropol İstanbul D6 No:2/J Ataşehir/İstanbul